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This general use point-of-sale computer program is designed to automate  a variety of retail or service type business. It is easy to use and provides invoicing, inventory control with optional serialization, purchase order generation and maintains a customer, salesperson and vendor file using the popular Microsoft Access®  database engine.  An accounts receivable system is available for your net 30 sales.   Accounting totals are keep track of with three user defined periods such as daily, monthly and year-to-date.  Micro Register produces many reports such as inventory, customer, salesperson and vendor lists. Reports on received inventory, sales tax and accounting information can also be generated.  XP, Windows 7, 8 & 10

Micro Register Software  $239.00




LedgerOne Accounting Software


LedgerOne is a easy to use and understand single entry accounting system for a small business using a cash method for accounting.  All income and expense entries are made using one account (no debiting or crediting with two accounts is necessary).

LedgerOne can generate income or expense summaries and an income statement showing your profit or loss.  You can setup ledger accounts for multiple companies using a ledger template with your predetermined accounts

LedegrOne software is FREE to the end user.  Donations are accepted but not required.




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